Class of 2018 Yearbook Ad Pages by Elementary School

HHS Seniors will have a spread in the 2017-18 Yearbook by each elementary school. The spread includes an individual elementary photo of each student and a current group photo of all of the students who choose to participate.

Cost is $20 each. This is a fundraiser for the Grad Night Party, however you do not need to attend the Grad Night Party in order to participate in the yearbook spread.

If you have any overall questions, please contact the Yearbook Ad Coordinator, David Korn, at


Please see below for the contact information for each school’s coordinator(s). Please reach out to them ASAP to participate in your elementary school spread. We appreciate your help telling other HHS seniors to do the same.



SCHOOL Group Photo Date & Time Group Photo Location Coordinator(s) Email
Cherry Chase Samantha Cohen & Dawn Bussey &
Cumberland Kay Zeren
Garden Gate Vinutha Shettigar
Faria Vinutha Shettigar
Stocklmeir Vinutha Shettigar
Montclaire Kelly Chen
Nimitz David Korn
Stevens Creek Vinutha Shettigar
Vargas Eileen Wong
West Valley Gwynne MacKay & Moe Bensing &