Senior Parents:


Would you like to help make your student’s Grad Night Party experience truly memorable?  Then consider making a Memory Board for them!  Gather together some of your favorite pictures of your graduating senior throughout their years and design a fun collage of memories they can enjoy and look back upon. These same boards will be on display in a special gallery so the seniors can look at them with their friends. The memory boards will be returned to your senior to take home at the end of the night.

Use poster board 22” x 28” maximum (smaller is fine). It is the size of the poster boards your student has used in the past for class projects/science projects.

Please use pictures that you can part with or use copies.  Also, do NOT use puffy stickers, foam stickers or anything that is thicker than a regular sticker. Make sure to put you graduates name and phone number on the back of the poster board. Please laminate your poster board at a Kinko’s or at Lakeshore Learning Store (1099 S Bascom Ave., San Jose).

If you would like a little bit more direction, there will be 1 -2 workshops taking place on the Homestead High School campus where you can view previous senior’s boards, get some ideas, and get started on your own memory board. Memory Boards and supplies will be available.

Note…These boards have always been a SURPRISE for the seniors, so try to be discreet when putting these together.  We ask that no students attend the workshop.

Who..Senior Parents

What..Memory Board Workshop

Where..Homestead High School TBD

When.. April 28 and May 5, 2018 10am-2pm

Cost..TBD for board and scrapbook making supplies (glue, photo tabs, scissors, stickers, paper cutters, paper, etc.)

Once your poster has been laminated, please contact one of the Memory Board Committee Members below to make arrangements
to drop it off.
Deadline for Posters: All laminated posters are due to the Memory Board Committee no later than TBD.
Please laminate your poster board at a Kinko’s or at Lakeshore Learning Store (1099 S Bascom Ave., San Jose).

An adult will monitor the posters during the Grad Night Party. Posters will be given to your student at the end of the event.

lf you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call:

 Memory board committee
Another option — Make a digital memory board!
Create a  20″ x 30″ poster at Costco  (up to 22 photos, ready in an hour.)  For details, click on this link, Costco Poster. Walgreens also has a digital service, here is their link, Walgreens Posters. Digital made memory boards do not need to be laminated.
Questions? Contact Memory board committee